Awareness Activity

Awareness Activity: One Day Seminar on Swayam at CUTN

Nature of Activity: Discussion
Activity Name: One Day Seminar on Swayam at CUTN
Activity Brief: The seminar started at 10.15 am with around 30 participants, nominated mentors of various departments. Dr. V Maduriuma, SPOC for SWAYAM and Co-orodnaitor MOOCs & ICT Cell, introduced the concept of seminar and the seminar was inaugurated by the controller of examination of the university, Dr. A. Ragupathy, by stressing of the importance of implementation of SWAYAM and its implications on our academics.
Report Brief : The seminar was then led by Dr. V. Madhurima, presenting the status of our education system, with some statistics on enrolment and access of various education opportunities. This was supporting the need for e-lerning supplements in education systems, specifically at higher education level. The presentation then included the digital initiative of MHRD, stressing up on the SWAYM and SWAYAMPRABHA, discussed the inputs received in the 2 MHRD convention on modalities of SWAYAM and SWAYAMPRABHA. This session was the ignition point for the entire day inputting various dimensions of MOOCs and SWAYAM.
Start Date: 14-02-2018
End Date: 14-02-2018
Venue: VC's Conference Hall

Awareness Activity Notes:


SWAYAM is an instrument for self-actualisation providing opportunities for a life-long learning. Here learner can choose from hundreds of courses.

Virtually every course that is taught at the university / college / school level.

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