Awareness Activity

Awareness Activity: departmental meetings,Class room presentations to students

Nature of Activity: Other
Activity Name: departmental meetings,Class room presentations to students
Activity Brief: Swayam Program was successfully introduced in our Alliance School of Law few month back.Class room presentations are also being given from time to time so as to make our students fully aware of the Swayam Program.
Report Brief : Please find the progress report as mentioned herein below: The activities undertaken by Swayam Committee , Alliance School of Law, Alliance University, Bangalore are mentioned herein below for your kind consideration. Swayam Team Initiatives: SWAYAM Programme has been successfully introduced in Alliance School of Law, Alliance University, Bangalore in September, 2018. All the students have been informed about it to the hilt. Members: 1. Prof.Rahul Mishra-Coordinator 2. Prof.Keerthiraj-Mentor 3. Dr.Ramdhass P-Mentor 4. Prof.Pradeep Kumar-Mentor The SWAYAM Team led by me has also approached the students in their class hours for unfolding the benefits of being part of SWAYAM Programme. The SWAYAM Team has tried its level best to clarify the doubts being asked by the students in this regard too. Truth be told, good number of students have joined Swayam regime positively this far. Still students are pitching in to be a part of the said course. Swayam Team led by me has been pro-active now as well to make students start doing the courses as the new courses are yet to be uploaded by Swayam Regime, once they are uploaded, our students shall be in position to start doing the said courses in accordance with the instructions as have been already passed on to them by Swayam Committee through official communication from time to time. The SWAYAM team is in touch with each law student and is still reaching them thereby educating them about the importance of learning through SWAYAM Portal online. All requisite links pertaining to the registration process w.r.t SWAYAM have been shared with the students through mail too. Swayam Committee keeps on meeting on regular intervals in order to monitor the progress being made by the students in this regard.
Start Date: 01-10-2018
End Date: 22-11-2018
Venue: Central Campus,Alliance University,Bangalore

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